OpenMix HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST 2017 Excerpts

In diesem Video geben wir dir Einblicke in Jochens Mischung des diesjährigen HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST Songs “Wahrheit”. Das vollständige OpenMix Tutorial mit über 2 Stunden Länge finden HOFA-College Teilnehmer im Online-Campus. Mehr Infos:

IQ-Series Analyser V2: better mixes with multitrack frequency analysis

The HOFA IQ-Series Analyser V2 is the perfect plugin to compare the frequency ranges of different audio tracks. For example, it‘s really easy to localize problems through frequency overlays. Further information and download:

XMAS MIX CONTEST 2015 Open Mix Compilation [German language]

In diesem Video bekommst du einen Einblick, wie Jochen beim Mischen des Contest-Songs 2015 vorgegangen ist. Das komplette Tutorial mit über 2.5 Stunden Länge wird nach dem Einsendeschluss im Online-Campus freigeschaltet.


The LOGIC PRO X AUTOMATION has to be handled with caution. This (subtitled) HOFA-College video shows what you have to look out for. Simply activate the subtitles in the settings bar.

Kemper Profiling Amp
Kemper Profiling Amp vs. Mesa Boogie Mark V

In this (subtitled) video we check out the Kemper Profiling Amp. We “profile” a Mesa Boogie Mark V and compare Kemper and original. Simply activate the subtitles in the settings bar. Guitar: Gibson SG 70’s Tribute Custom Amp: Mesa Boogie Mk V Cabinet: Mesa Boogie … Continue reading Kemper Profiling Amp vs. Mesa Boogie Mark V

IQ-Series DeEsser

The HOFA IQ-Series DeEsser is the new tool for editing harsh sibilants in vocals or in the whole mix. With a specialized and very natural working voice recognition the IQ-Series DeEsser is very easy to use and even more intuitive. Furthermore, an innovative BUS-Mode can control … Continue reading IQ-Series DeEsser

Vocal Super-Compression
Vocal Super-Compression

HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse explains a new method for compression, wich is not only suitable for challenging vocal tracks. Various recordings with complexe sounds like piano, guitars or alternating keyboard sounds can be domesticated.

IQ-Series EQ V3.7 Tutorial

The IQ-Series EQ provides you with unique functions and can serve as a complete high-end channelstrip.

Amp Mic Shootout

More information:

DDP Player Maker Tutorial

If you want to deliver DDP images to your clients that include a matching player software, DDP Player Maker is the perfect solution for you. It just does not matter if your customer is using a Windows PC or a Mac, as the player will … Continue reading DDP Player Maker Tutorial

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