XMAS MIX CONTEST 2015 Open Mix Compilation [German language]

In diesem Video bekommst du einen Einblick, wie Jochen beim Mischen des Contest-Songs 2015 vorgegangen ist. Das komplette Tutorial mit über 2.5 Stunden Länge wird nach dem Einsendeschluss im Online-Campus freigeschaltet.

IQ-Series DeEsser

The HOFA IQ-Series DeEsser is the new tool for editing harsh sibilants in vocals or in the whole mix. With a specialized and very natural working voice recognition the IQ-Series DeEsser is very easy to use and even more intuitive. Furthermore, an innovative BUS-Mode can control … Continue reading IQ-Series DeEsser

Vocal Super-Compression
Vocal Super-Compression

HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse explains a new method for compression, wich is not only suitable for challenging vocal tracks. Various recordings with complexe sounds like piano, guitars or alternating keyboard sounds can be domesticated. www.hofa-plugins.de

IQ-Series EQ V3.7 Tutorial

The IQ-Series EQ provides you with unique functions and can serve as a complete high-end channelstrip. www.hofa-plugins.de

Grammy Award winner Reuven Amiel about his workflow & HOFA-Plugins

Also Grammy winners work with HOFA plugins! Reuven Amiel took an active part in the production of the 2013 Latin Grammy award-winning album “Diferente”. He’s an enthusiastic user of IQ-Series EQ, IQ-Series Comp and co. since 2013 and answered our questions about his workflow with … Continue reading Grammy Award winner Reuven Amiel about his workflow & HOFA-Plugins

IQ-Series Comp V2 Tutorial

The IQ-Series Comp’s upgrade extends with a “rough” compression mode which is especially suited for transient rich drums. A look-ahead for compression was as well added as a sidechain filter and preset buttons for the FlavorEQs. Furthermore, a clipper can limit the output level with … Continue reading IQ-Series Comp V2 Tutorial

HOFA QuickTip IQ-Series Reverb Modulation

More information: hofa-plugins.de

HOFA QuickTip IQ-Series Reverb Cut & Gate

English subtitled video tutorial about the cut and gate functions of the IQ-Series Reverb.

HOFA QuickTip IQ-Series EQ: Less Bass – more Sound

This tutorial is about sidechain controlled compression, that allows “tighter” sounds. More info: www.hofa-plugins.de

HOFA QuickTip IQ-Series EQ: Dynamic Drum EQing

This kind of drum processing solves many problems and ensures a professional drum sound. More info: www.hofa-plugins.de

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